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Help us make Jonas' dream come true

"Jonas og kraftvarmeovnen" is the story of a seven-year-old boy who has a dream that changes the city he lives in. Many inhabitants of the city are sad and have a dim outlook on the future. Teacher Sofie is afraid that the Earth will get too hot, the farmer Jørgen cannot plant carrots in the soil due to heavy metal contamination, old Thomas cannot afford to pay his electricity bills, and Petter has lost his job because he can no longer walk. But with the support of a wise dad and good friends, dreams can come true! 


The book is suitable for children between 5-9 years. An exciting and inspiring story about taking care of the environment and each other. Buy the book and support the environment! Sales profit contributes to the project of developing a CO2 negative CHP system for detached houses.

Manuscript: Mark Stefan GS Selasky

Illustrations: Olga Coronovschi

Number of pages: 32

Language: Norwegian

ISBN: 978-82-303-4638-9