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  • Krista Klavina

Welcome to our new chairman Kjell-Are Vassmyr!

We are grateful to have such an experienced and committed chairman as Kjell-Are Vassmyr on our team! A man who is passionate about establishing industry here beyond the Polar Circle, and who is not only concerned with profits, but also with people and the values that underline the company.

Kjell-Are believes that the BioCHAMP project Sirevaag Biokraftvarme is working on is such an exciting concept that “it would be silly not to try. If everyone believes in the idea, it's amazing what you can do"

He also comments that the start-up phase has been something out of the ordinary, in the middle of a pandemic. “We have not met much physically, but we have all seen each other's living rooms. Maybe this also has a part to play in establishing trust in the relationships in the team. Setting up a start-up company in the middle of a pandemic is something new on its own.”

Kjell-Are has his expertise in risk management, management and technology development. He now has almost 30 years of experience from leadership positions in the energy industry. We consider him more than qualified to fill the position of chairman of the board in our start-up company, and a man who enables the BioCHAMP project to arrive safely to its destination.



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