Our CHP system


Our unique combined heat and power (CHP) system produces electricity and heat allowing households to save several thousand NOK a year. The system uses pellets made from pure biological materials. The residual product from this process is biochar. If used in agriculture, it contributes to healthier soil and CO2 storage in the soil. CO2 storage means that the energy production from our CHP system will be CO2 negative!


The system is intended to be installed outside a house together with a pellet storage unit that needs to be refilled 6 times a year. The heat produced is stored in a compact heat battery installed inside the house and distributed through convection fans, water floor heating and / or radiators.

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Do you want to save money on heating and electricity?

The mCHP will save you around $ 1,200 * per year in energy costs, all costs included, compared with a fully electric solution. In addition the energy CO2 is negative.

Our goal is to offer both affordable and sustainable energy.

* These calculations are made for a 175m2 home with a total energy consumption of 204kWh per m2 per year. An electric car is also connected to the home, which consumes 3100kWh per year. The average electricity prices i Norway for the second and third quarters of 2021 are used for the calculations.

Yearly Cost of Energy
Yearly Cost of Energy

Yearly cost of energy for a 175m2 home located in Norway.

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Yearly Cost of Energy
Yearly Cost of Energy

Yearly cost of energy for a 175m2 home located in Norway.

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Did you know that we could store CO2 in the soil?


Our CHP system produces biochar out of waste biomass. When ploughed into the soil biochar retains carbon that otherwise would return to the atmosphere. The carbon can be stored this way for hundreds of years. One tonne of biochar is equivalent to three tonnes of CO2. For each cogeneration system we sell, we expect to be able to store over 20 tonnes of CO2 in every year.


Read more about biochar on SINTEF's website.


Read more about Norway's CO2 emissions here.


Do rising electricity prices concern you?

From 2012 to 2019, the electricity price increased from 81 to 116 øre per kWh i Norway. This is due to climate quotas that result in increasing electricity prices. Although electricity prices in connection with the corona epidemic have been exceptionally low, the International Energy Agency ( IEA ) has calculated that Norwegian electricity prices will double by 2030.


We want to do something about this.

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Did you know that biochar  could provide healthier soil?

The porous surface of biochar binds and holds  nutrients, and prevents these nutrients to be washed out of the topsoil. Biochar also improves the soil's ability to hold water and bind heavy metals and organic pollutants so that not only the vegetable growth is improved but they are also healthier.


We want to use biochar produced by our CHP system to improve the soil our food is grown in!

Read more on Agropub.

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Did you know biowaste can become something useful? 

What is waste for some can be useful for others! In both agriculture and the forest industry, there are fractions that are left as waste. Our pyrolysis system is very flexible, and we can make use of a myriad of different biomasses. This makes it possible to turn waste into something useful; affordable electricity and heat for homes and biochar fertilizer for agriculture.


We want to contribute to a warmer society


People who have the ability and desire to work need an opportunity to show what they can do and a place where they can feel welcome and useful. Even if they have a disability. We want to be such a place.


Sirevaag Biokraftvarme is named after Peder Arenfeldt Sirevåg (1900 to 1990) who owned P. Sirevaag Bakery at Moi in Rogaland. His bread and pastries were known to be the best, but he was also recognized for being a caring man, who always gave people the opportunity to succeed and to use their abilities. This is something we also want to do as a company!