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We need a new type of energy production

CO2 emissions are on the rise at the same time energy bills have skyrocketed. At this time we need a new type of energy production to combat these challenges. Our unique combined heat and power system for agriculture will produce electricity and heat in an affordable and environmentally friendly way by pyrolysing dried manure. The residual product from this process is biochar that will contribute to healthier topsoil, less nitrogen loss and CO2-storage in the soil. CO2-storage means that the energy production from our CHP system becomes CO2-negative!


The first prototype of the system is intended to be installed on a farm. It will produce enough electricity and heat to cover over 90% of the farms energy needs. In the longer term, we dream of building even smaller CHP systems for private households and make the technology available for everyone.

Utsikt fra Tromsdalstinden Tromsø

We need to cut costs for farmers - now!

Many farmers struggle to make ends meet with ever-increasing costs. Our profitability analyzes show that a farm with 150-180 cows can expect savings and income equivalent to NOK 410,000 per year*. The most important savings are reductions in energy costs, mineral fertilizer costs and feed costs. In addition, the farmer will also be able to count on significant income from the sale of biochar and CO2 removal certificates (CORCS).

* The prerequisites are a farm of 150-180 cows. 45% degree of support according to the scheme "Renewable energy in agriculture". Spot electricity price of 0,67 NOK per kWh. This includes all costs except financing costs. 

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We need a sensible form of carbon storage

By converting cow manure into biochar and use this to fertilize the pasture, carbon can be stored like this for hundreds of years. For every CHP system we sell we expect to be able to store 75 tonnes of CO2 per year. At the same time this carbon become a usefull biochar fertilizer at the farm and contributes to both increased grass production and less environmental toxins in the grass - a win-win situation!


Read more about biochar at SINTEF´s website.

Read more about Norway´s COemissions here


We need to strengthen food security in Europe

In recent years, we have seen a sharp increase in electricity prices, feed costs and mineral fertilizer prices. This has forced many farmers to reduce production or close down. At the same time we are faced with climate changes which threatens crops in Europe. It is important to find good solutions quickly! Through our unique cogeneration system we can significantly strengthen the profitability of farmers by utilizing the biomass resources they have in a better way. At the same time biochar, which binds water in the soil, will make the soil less susceptible to droughts. This will be an important contribution to better the food security in Europe. We believe this is the energy system of the future for farmers! 

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Utsikt mot Tromsdalstinden Tromsø

We need healthier topsoil for the farmers of the future

Activated biochar has a porous surface with a large area that retains important nutrients so that these are not washed out of the topsoil. At the same time, biochar binds heavy metals and organic pollutants so that grass and other plants become healthier and fresher. Not just for our generation, but for all future generations who cultivate the soil. We think this is a smart and sustainable way of farming! 

Read more at Agropub

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We need to find the gold in agriculture

Coal has previously been referred to as "the black gold". Through our combined heat and power system, we can convert manure into precisely "black gold" and thus create a valuable resource for farmers. First step is to mechanically separate cow manure into a wet and a solid fraction. The solid fraction is dried to approx. 90% solids. The raw material is then screwed into our unique microwave-assisted pyrolysis reactor (MAP) where it is heated to 500-600 degrees Celsius, whereupon an energy-rich wet gas and biochar is formed. The wet gas is burned and it produces electricity through a small turbine The residual heat is used to heat homes and outbuildings on the farm. The biochar is of the best class. It has a large surface area and is rich in minerals and nutrients that the grass needs to be juicy and healthy. Black gold from manure, not bad! 

Et varmere samfunn

We need a warmer society


People who have the ability and desire to work need an opportunity to show what they can do and a place where they can feel welcome and useful. Even if they have a handicap. We want to be such a place.


Sirevaag Biokraftvarme is named after Peder Arenfeldt Sirevåg (1900 to 1990). He started P. Sirevaag Bakeri at Moi in Rogaland. The baked goods were known to be the best. He was also known for being a caring man, who was concerned with giving people the opportunity to succeed and to use their abilities. It is something we as a company are also concerned about!

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