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  • Mark S. G. S. Selasky

The BioCHAMP II project has been completed!

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

We started the BioCHAMP II pilot project in February 2021 and completed it now in September 2021. With the help and support from "Regionale Forskningsfond Arktis (RFF Arktis)", we have managed to carry out a comprehensive and important project on the way to a complete prototype.

Sirevaag Biokraftvarme AS aims to develop a small cogeneration system (mCHP) for detached houses that will supply them with sustainable electricity and heat.

Through the BioCHAMP II project we have created models that give us important answers on how the mCHP system will be able to meet the electricity and heat demand of a detached house located in Tromsø and find out how competitive we will be in the energy market.

The main conclusion is that the system setup will be able to cover 95% of the energy needs of the model home of 175m2 without major difficulties. This was better than expected. In relation to raw materials in the region, four suitable bio-raw materials have been identified, which are found in sufficient quantities here and/or in Norway. In relation to profitability, our calculations show that we should be able to be profitable all the way down to energy prices of 25 øre per kWh, and outcompete air-to-air heat pump solutions on price.

We would like to thank the "Regionale Forskningsfond Arktis (RFF Arktis)". Without their support and faith in the project, we would not be able to complete!

We would also like to thank SINTEF, Lund University, Turbonova, MikroOil and the great team behind Sirevaag Biokraftvarme.

Without everyone's efforts, we would not have gotten to where we are today.

Thank you all!


Mark Stefan G S Selasky



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