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  • Krista Klavina

Welcome to Tor Hovde as advisory board member!

Tor Hovde has been with Sirevaag Biokraftvarme from the beginning as an advisor in KUPA. Now we warmly welcome him in as an advisor to the board!

According to Tor Hovde, Sirevaag has a driving force that stands out from many other entrepreneurial companies.

«Often in KUPA we have to push projects forward. This is not a problem here. It is entrepreneurial companies that have a leadership that takes the lead, finds solutions and sees opportunities all the time that succeed! Management is 80% of the success factor, the rest of the challenge is putting together the right technology and team»

Tor Hovde has an engineering background and has extensive experience in business and product development, both through his own company and as an advisor to others. This experience is important for the phase we are in now as a startup. We are grateful for Tor's commitment and plentiful advice. We are looking forward to the further cooperation!



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