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  • Krista Klavina

Should we pick biochar instead of wind turbines?

The debates on how to reduce carbon emissions can sometimes get quite heated. Perhaps there are some less controversial ways to solve this problem? In recent years, biochar has received increasing attention as a potential carbon sink.

Biomass such as straw, twigs and roots are usually left or plowed into the soil. There they break down and carbon from the biomass quickly returns to the atmosphere, as part of the natural carbon cycle. On the other hand, when the biomass is converted to biochar, the decomposition of the carbon is prevented and the carbon can be stored in the soil for a long time.

While wind power and other environmentally friendly power production technologies can provide CO2-neutral energy production, our bio-cogeneration system will take us a step further. We want to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air by storing carbon in the earth as biochar. Such a system will help us achieve the climate goals that Norway has committed to, and reduce atmospheric concentrations of CO2 to a safe level.



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