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  • Krista Klavina

To walk the extra mile..

Peder and his daughter Inger were out shopping for potatoes one day. They drove past large and nice farms one after another. Inger wondered why they weren't just stopping by one of these and buying the potatoes there, but Peder insisted that they had to drive on. After a long drive, they stopped at a forest path and got out of the car. It led into the heath over roots and stones until they finally arrived at a small secluded farm. Here Peder paid for the potatoes, loaded the heavy bag on his back and started on the walk back to the car. When they finally returned, Inger wondered why he was so happy?

"Now they also had the opportunity to earn some money for all the effort on the farm," he explained. It was his joy!

Peder A. Sirevaag has been a great inspiration to the founder of Sirevaag Biokraftvarme, his grandson Mark S.G.S. Selasky. The story above tells of who he was as a person and what he stood for. We hope this story can inspire you as much as it has inspired us. Peder understood the importance of giving people opportunities and treating everyone with respect - not just the wealthy. Through Sirevaag Biokraftvarme, we want to take care of that legacy, and create a company that honors his name and what he stood for. A company that helps to make our society a warmer place! Join and make our dream come true! Read more about how you can support our project here.

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