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  • Krista Klavina

Why is biochar use in agriculture becoming more and more attractive?

Increasing production and use of mineral fertilizers in agriculture leads to environmentally harmful effects. Among other things, this causes air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, pollution with heavy metals, and soil acidification. Furthermore, approximately 2-10% of nutrients leach from mineral fertilizers and contaminate nearby water bodies.

It is therefore important to take action. Research shows that biochar helps to keep the fertilizer in the soil and reduce nutrient leaching.

Biochar improves several soil properties such as soil aeration, aggregation, pH level, microbial environment, cation exchange capacity, water holding capacity and the availability of nutrients to plants. This leads to improved plant growth and reduces the need for fertilizer.

Biochar can therefore have significant economic and environmental benefits in agriculture.

Through our bio-cogeneration system, we will produce many tonnes of biochar made available for use in agriculture every year.



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